Senior Infants

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The purpose of these schemes is to capture the attention of the students and to engage them in activities each week which will help to develop and foster a love of music. There is a story running through each lesson which connects all the lessons together and gives the children a sense of purpose in the activities they will undertake in each lesson.

In senior infants, the story, as in the junior infant scheme, is centred around the two main characters, Diarmuid and Gráinne. These two characters with their dog are now on a journey from Music Land to home. This journey has many more dangers along the way because the Wicked Wizard is following them the whole way.

The children, like before, are asked to help Diarmuid and Gránne by doing the tasks in each lesson. Nana Murphy narrates each lesson and explains to the students in the classroom what they must do in each lesson so that Diarmuid and Gráinne can move along to the next village. The students get very wrapped up in the story line and don't even know that important strands and strand units are being covered as they do their work.

This is why teachers all over the country love the scheme because they do know that all the elements of the curriculum are being covered and yet everyone is having great fun doing it.