5th class

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In fifth class, the approach of the scheme is similar to third and fourth class. Like before, the children are given tasks to perform in each lesson and again, the motivation is that they will get a clue at the end of each lesson. A set of 5 clues will give them what they need to figure out the name of the mystery person. There are 4 mystery people again, which the children need to discover. Once they have figured out the 4 mystery people, then they have to figure out what these 4 people have in common, thus coming up with the final answer. All the mystery people involved are related to music in some way, as is the overall final answer.

The children are given a certificate at the end of the year to show that they have successfully completed the music course.

Gráinne narrates the lessons for fifth class. Again, there are several places from around the world mentioned throughout the year and by using the enclosed map of the world to locate these places, the children continue to familiarise themselves with the world.