2nd class

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The purpose of these schemes is to capture the attention of the students and to engage them in activities each week which will help to develop and foster a love of music. There is a story running through each lesson which connects all the lessons together and gives the children a sense of purpose in the activities they will undertake in each lesson.

In 2nd class, the focus. is still on the transformation of the Wicked Wizard. In first class, the Wizard visited 16 counties and now in second class, he will visit 16 more. By the end of this two year cycle the children have grown quite accustomed to the map of Ireland. The King of Music Land is narrating the lessons and by the end of the scheme the children will see that all their hard work has paid off because their plan has worked and the Wizard has changed into a lovely, kind and caring person.

Again, the children get so wrapped up in the story that they are learning about musical elements which may have been difficult to get across to them otheriwse. This is why teachers all over the country love the scheme because they know that all the elements of the curriculum are being covered and yet everyone is having great fun doing it.