1st class

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The purpose of these schemes is to capture the attention of the students and to engage them in activities each week which will help to develop and foster a love of music. There is a story running through each lesson which connects all the lessons together and gives the children a sense of purpose in the activities they will undertake in each lesson.

In 1st class, the story changes its focus. At the end of the senior infant scheme, the Wicked Wizard followed Diarmuid and Gránne all the way back to Ireland. The main focus for this scheme is for the students to take part in the activities of each lesson so that the King of Music Land can gain enough power to cast a spell on the Wizard which will keep him in Ireland. He will travel all over Ireland visiting various different counties. It is explained to the children that this is what we want to do because the longer the Wizard is away from his castle, the less evil he becomes and he would eventually become a kind and generous person.

Knowing the background story, the children are asked to help the King of Music Land. By doing the tasks in each lesson, the children will be instrumental in transforming the Wicked Wizard.

The King narrates each lesson and explains to the students in the classroom what they must do in each lesson so that a spell can be cast. The students get very wrapped up in the story line and don't even know that important strands and strand units are being covered as they do their work.

This is why teachers all over the country love the scheme because they do know that all the elements of the curriculum are being covered and yet everyone is having great fun doing it.